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Anonymous asked: do you fuck fat guys?

not “obese” guys who are like 280 when their height and such would suggest their healthy weight is 150. If you are ‘average’ weight…like 20-30lbs above what your height would say you to be at, I don’t mind. :) I like guys who take care of themselves, even if it is for a 60-minute hump-n-dump.

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Anonymous asked: just taking a few minutes to wonder how such a thing grew on you. huge. as a straight girl, I can say that I am jealous of all those guys who get to have a seat on that magnificent cock. you'd hit my o-button with every thrust. Damn!

You go grrrl! 

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Anonymous asked: how big were you in jr high/high school?

hmm. I do get this question a few times a year LMAO… well let’s see, I think when I was 13 or so, I think I was like slightly above ‘average’ by adult standards. things didn’t start getting out of hand till I was in 10th grade so I was like 15 or so and that’s when I noticed a lot of change in the size. girth also happened around then but I was still in the ‘norm’ range I’d think. and then by the time I graduated at 17, I think I was at full size…mind you I still barely had pubic hair. most don’t believe but I literally was 88% bare down there till I was just getting into my senior year. Sure, I was sexually active. was active at 15 and onward but things on me just kinda took a while. my voice started changing at around 10-11 and underarm hair was like 11-12. So basically you’d have believed me to be an active groomer of crotch hair for quite a while as a teen. I’m still pretty hairless like a naked mole rat on most of my body. peach fuzz on my ass, a bush if any on my crotch, and light body hair in general. though on camera, it can look a bit darker just because of my odd body hair color…not black, not brown…but it’s like a lighter brown that somehow gets darker with light. LOL (the story started with my dick and ended with hair…I just don’t know when to shutup)

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Anonymous asked: i'd love to jerk you off. i've seen the one vid of you cumming. you really can make a mess and then some. if I jerked you off, I'd never let go!


yeah, I can shoot 6-8 ropes on an average day and on a good day it’s around 8-10. I’ve done more but it would take a little more prep. lol …you don’t have to let go. Just keep jerking…I’ll just have to order my groceries online or something. :D

this is still one of my favorite anon Qs

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Anonymous asked: do you enjoy being edged when being jerked off?

all the time…as long as it isn’t so long that my balls begin to become uncomfortable from aching lol …but my cumshot will usually result in the same mess. I tend to shoot a lot whether I jerk off for 15 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour lol

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Anonymous asked: when you get jerked off by some guy who can't take you but wants to please you anyways do you use lube or spit?

Spit if they are using their mouth on the head of my dick but if they just wanna jerk me off for 30 minutes, lube feels great. I use silicone-based like Wet Platinum or Gun Oil. And getting jerked has a benefit…they get to see the mega geyser in action!

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Shooting the cum right in there

I’ll take two loads of this!

…would have been twice as hot if he kept up the speed as he was cumming. When done, do a final push and then pull out…let it drip and then go back in at the same speed as he was at the end! fuck the sensitivity out of that dick. lol

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Anonymous asked: I'd love to see that dick of yours swaying between your legs in the locker room!

mind you ‘it gets bigger’ was my old tumblr name…it looks average limp..well unless I just got out of a hot shower then it sorta plumps from the heat lol …anyways, I haven’t found a gym since I moved. There’s an “Anytime Fitness” near me but I don’t think it looks plausible. The search continues! I used to go to Gold’s and YMCA where I used to live.

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Anonymous asked: that penis tho... WMD!



some of my anonymous people…you crack me up. if you want a conversation, keep it off anonymous, I won’t publish if you don’t want me to. like say you send something just put “PVT:” and then the convo. I still like anonymous but I would like to know if any of these anonymous people are followers or just random people. If you happen to be in my area, and don’t look like a troll and clean and such, maybe we’d fuck? :D

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Anonymous asked: that penis tho... WMD!


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Anonymous asked: a dream it would be to have that massive cock of yours balls deep in me as it blasts those huge loads you have! and then just keep fucking me over and over and not let that fucking dick out of me till your balls are completely drained. when you are finally done with my hole I want to feel your dick still in me as you fall asleep and when you wake up, give that morning wood a nice place to unload in! FUCK!

WOW. That sounds super hot. I’m speechless. RAWR!

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Anonymous asked: Compliments to your fat dick!

He says thanks!

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